Fang, Y., & Komiya, A. (2024)

Fang, Y.(方予辰), & Komiya, A.(小宮あすか) (2024). 
Effects of residential mobility on impression formation across different social contexts.
Asian Journal of Social Psychology.(Early View)

Research on residential mobility is burgeoning; however, only a few studies have examined this topic in the context of impression formation. In Study 1, we first examined the hypothesis that high residential mobility increases sensitivity to friendliness, whereas low residential mobility increases sensitivity to hostility. In the word completion task, no effects of residential mobility were observed; however, in the impression formation task, participants with high residential mobility perceived friendly new acquaintances with higher amicability than those with low residential mobility (Studies 1a and 1c). Meanwhile, no effect was observed with the hostile new acquaintances (Study 1b). The results suggest that the effects of residential mobility, with a focus on friendliness and hostility, may be highly context dependent. Study 2 partially confirmed this idea, showing that participants with low residential mobility perceived hostile old acquaintances as less friendly than those with high residential mobility, and there was no effect of residential mobility in the case of friendly old acquaintances (Study 3). The role of residential mobility on impression formation was discussed.

これまでの研究では,個人の引越し経験の多寡 (住居流動性) によって,人間関係のあり方が大きく変わることが論じられてきました。本研究では,他者との関係を新規他者と既存他者に分け,個人の引越し経験が他者の印象を形成する視点にどのような影響を与えるかを検討しました。この結果,
・印象形成を離れた文脈の課題(単語完成課題)では,引っ越し経験の有意な効果はありませんでした。 これらの結果を踏まえて,印象形成プロセスに対する住居流動性の影響と文脈の重要性について考察しました。