Goto & Kusumi (2015)

Goto, T. (後藤崇志) & Kusumi, T. (楠見 孝) (2015).
The effects of regret on internalization of academic motivation: A longitudinal study.
学業動機づけの内在化に後悔が及ぼす効果: 縦断的研究
Learning and Individual Differences.
doi: 10.1016/j.lindif.2014.11.013
We examined whether and how regret contributes to acquiring autonomous motivation with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of the intrapersonal process of the internalization of academic motivation. We conducted a longitudinal survey to examine the longitudinal relationship between motivation and regret in academic situations. Results of a path analysis showed that regret about neglecting study, experienced immediately after an end-of-term examination, mediated the conversion of controlled (especially, introjected) motivation into autonomous (i.e., intrinsic and identified) motivation. In contrast, participants’ regret about not having enjoyed themselves in the long term negatively predicted autonomous motivation in a subsequent examination. These results indicated that participants’ regret about neglecting their studies contributed to internalization, but regret about not having enjoyed themselves interfered with this. We discussed new insights for both educational practices and psychological theories.
県立高校の高校1年生を対象に、2度の定期考査を挟んで複数回の質問紙調査を行い、定期考査の前の勉強への動機づ けと、定期考査の直後や時間が経った後に感じていた「もっと勉強しておけばよかった」「もっと自分の楽しめることをしておけばよかった」という異なる種類の後悔との関連を検討しました。定期考査の直後に「もっと勉強しておけばよかった」と強く後悔していたほど、次の定期考査で自律的な動機づけが高く、時間が経ってから生じた「もっと自分の楽しめることをしておけばよかった」という後悔が強いほど、後の試験の際に自律的な動機づけが低いという結果が得られました。