Hashimoto, H., Maeda, K., Yamamoto, K., Mifune, N. (2022).

Hashimoto, H. (橋本博文), Maeda, K. (前田楓), Yamamoto, K. (山本佳祐), Mifune, N. (三船恒裕) (2022). 
Willingness to be the recipient during the dictator game.
BMC Research Notes, 15: 261

Objective: Researchers have investigated human altruism toward strangers for decades, using economic games such as the dictator game (DG) in their experiments. However, factors that cause the allocating behavior exhibited by those participants willing to be recipients in the DG have not been identified and the psychological mechanism of avoiding decision-making in economic games has not been widely addressed in previous studies. This study aimed to replicate previous findings regarding the number of people who are willing to be assigned the role of recipient and their allocation behavior and to explore why they share more than people who are willing to be dictators. Results: We demonstrate that there are people willing to be assigned the role of the recipient, rather than the role of the dictator during the dictator game. In addition, we find evidence indicating that people who are willing to be recipients behave more altruistically in the dictator game than those who prefer to be dictators. Based on our results, we argue that willingness to be a recipient, in relation to the psychological unwillingness to assume responsibility and reputational concerns, is a strategic consideration.