Hiraishi et al. (2016)

Hiraishi, K.(平石界), Murasaki, K., Okuda, H., & Yamate, M. (2016).
Sexual and Romantic Overperception among a Japanese young sample: A Replication of Haselton (2003)
男は好意を過剰評価する(Haselton, 2003)の直接的追試
Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, 7(1), 29-32.
doi: 10.5178/lebs.2016.47
Based on Error Management Theory, Haselton (2003) argued that men would have a cognitive bias to overperceive sexual interests in women. She demonstrated that US female undergraduates had more experiences of being misperceived of their sexual interests by men whilst such biases were not existent with male undergraduates. Bendixen (2014) replicated the findings with an undergraduate sample from a more gender equal society, Norway. We conducted a direct replication of Haselton (2003) with a sample from a less gender equal society, Japan, and found the same trend. In addition, we found that Japanese women were more likely to be overperceived of their romantic interests although the effects were weaker.