Ikeda (2013)

Ikeda, K.(池田謙一) (2013).
Social and institutional trust in East and Southeast Asia.
Taiwan Journal of Democracy, 9(1), 13-45.
This study explores the structures of social and institutional trust found in East and Southeast Asian political culture. For this purpose, we utilize the Asian Barometer 3 dataset, which currently comprises eleven countries and regions in this part of the world. The primary focus of the analysis is whether so-called Asian cultural values bring about a different structure of social/institutional trust from that found in more developed Western countries. This concerns not only the relationship between trust and culture, but also the cultural effects of the relationship between trust and political participation, which is a major social consequence of social/institutional trust. We employ hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) for the analysis, a method well suited to cross-country comparative analysis, even though the small number of countries in our study may not be strictly sufficient.