Ioku, T., & Watamura, E. (2024)

Ioku, T. (井奥智大), & Watamura, E. (綿村英一郎) (2024).
An experimental study of the process of felt understanding in intergroup relations: Japanese and Chinese relations in Japan.
Scientific Reports, 14, 13096.

“Felt understanding” is a crucial determinant of positive interpersonal and intergroup relationships. However, the question of why felt understanding shapes intergroup relations has been neglected. In a pre-registered test of the process in intergroup relations with a sample from East Asia, we manipulated felt understanding (understood versus misunderstood by an outgroup) in an experimental study (N = 476). The results supported the expectation that felt understanding would lead to a more positive intergroup orientation and action intention. The results of parallel mediation analyses showed that felt understanding indirectly predicted intergroup outcomes through felt positive regard, intergroup overlap, and outgroup stereotypes. Furthermore, the results of post-hoc sequential mediation analyses indicated that felt understanding indirectly predicted intergroup outcomes sequentially through felt positive regard and intergroup overlap, followed by outgroup stereotypes.

・「相手が自分のことをわかってくれる」と思うと、人は相手とより関わろうとする傾向がある。その心理的な変化のプロセス、メカニズムを解明 ・その心の働きは、「相手に対する偏見が減る」ことによる部分が大きかった