Ishii (2013)

Ishii, K. (石井敬子) (2013).
The meaning of happiness in Japan and the United States.
In K. R. Scherer, J. R. J. Fontaine, & C. Soriano (Eds.), Components of emotional meaning: A sourcebook, pp. 473-476.
ISBN: 9780199592746
About this book:
  • Introduces a new instrument to assess the meaning of emotion words empirically providing several new assessment instruments that can be freely used
  • Provides normative data for the meaning profiles for emotion words in 24 languages. This allows the reader to fine-tune the translation of emotion terms across languages
  • Introduces a new approach to conceptualize emotion meaning providing the reader with a framework for analysis (the componential approach) useful across disciplines in the study of emotion
  • Presents a new approach to analyze the meaning of emotion words cross-culturally which provides the reader with examples of differences in meaning between terms within and across languages and illustrations of the role of culture in shaping those meanings