Kase, Ueno, Shimamoto, & Oishi(2019).

Kase, T. (嘉瀬貴祥), Ueno, Y., Shimamoto, K., & Oishi, K. (2019).
Causal relationships between sense of coherence and life skills: Examining the short-term longitudinal data of Japanese youths.
Sense of coherenceとライフスキルの因果関係―日本人青年の短期縦断的データを用いた検討―
Mental Health & Prevention, 13(1), 14-20.
doi: 10.1016/j.mhp.2018.11.005
This study investigated the causal relationships between sense of coherence (SOC) and life skills. Participants (248 university students; 147 men, 101 women; mean age = 20.4 years, SD = 0.9 years) completed the Japanese version of the SOC-29 scale and the Life Skills Scale for Adolescents and Adults. Structural equation modeling (a synchronous effects model and a cross-lagged effects model) indicated that life skills had a certain effect (β = .55 to .75, p < .01) on SOC. This result suggests that improving life skills was effective in strengthening SOC. The findings of this study provide key information concerning the dimensions and stages of SOC and life skills. This can be used to construct a theoretical model and framework for future practical studies on strengthening SOC and conducting life skills training.