Kobayashi et al.(2015)

Kobayashi, T.(小林哲郎), Boase, J., Suzuki, T., & Suzuki, T.(鈴木貴久) (2015).
Emerging from the cocoon? Revisiting the tele-cocooning hypothesis in the smartphone era.
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 
doi: 10.1111/jcc4.12116
The tele-cocooning hypothesis posits that mobile communication increases interaction with communication rich ties, while simultaneously weakening interaction with communication weak ties. In this study, we demonstrate how smartphones can be used to mitigate tele-cocooning behavior by stimulating interaction with communication weak ties. Using a smartphone application to collect non-identifying mobile communication log data, we conducted a field experiment with 193 Japanese participants. The treatment consisted of onscreen reminders designed to stimulate interaction with communication weak ties. The results indicate that the treatment promoted the activation of communication weak ties and the acquisition of information through those ties, suggesting that smartphones can be utilized to promote access to social capital.