Loughnan et al. (2015)

Loughnan, S., Fernandez, S., Vaes, J., Anjum, G., Aziz, M., Harada, C.(原田知佳), Holland, E., Singh, I., Puvia, E., & Tsuchiya, K. (土屋耕治) (2015).
Exploring the Role of Culture in Sexual Objectification: A Seven Nations Study.
性的客体化における文化の役割の探索的検討: 7カ国を比較して
International Review of Social Psychology / Revue Internationale de Psychologie Sociale, 28(1), 125-152.
Sexual objectification – seeing or treating a person as a sexual object – has been the topic of considerable investigation. Building from a longstanding recognition of the potential importance of culture in sexual objectification, this paper focuses on the extent to which people in different parts of the world objectify themselves and others. We explored sexual objectification amongst 588 people in seven diverse nations (i.e., Australia, India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, the UK, and the USA). Participants completed standard measures of self- and other-objectification. The results revealed that culture did affect self- and other-objectification, with objectification emerging more robustly in Australia, Italy, the UK, and the USA than it did in India, Japan, and Pakistan. These findings help support theoretical claims that culture matters for sexual objectification. Future research directions are discussed.
性的客体化 (人を性の対象として「物」のように見たり扱ったりすること) において,文化が果たす役割を探索的に検討した。7カ国のデータを分析した結果,文化による違いが認められた。具体的には,オーストラリア,イタリア,イギリス,アメリカにおいて,インド,日本,パキスタンよりも,自己や他者を物として捉える傾向 (自己対象化・他者対象化) が見られた。