Mifune et al. (2019)

Mifune, N. (三船恒裕), Inamasu, K. (稲増一憲), Kohama, S., Ohtsubo, Y. (大坪庸介), & Tago, A. (2019). 
Social dominance orientation as an obstacle to intergroup apology
PLoS ONE, 14(1), e0211379. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0211379
Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) has engaged the interest of social and personality psy- chologists as it has deep implications for the psychology of intergroup conflict, particularly regarding factors such as prejudice and discrimination, as well as international conflict reso- lution. Nevertheless, few studies have directly assessed how SDO relates to intergroup rec- onciliation. This study (effective N = 819) measured participants’ SDO along with their attitudes toward various governmental apologies to test the hypothesis that SDO is associ- ated with unwillingness to issue intergroup apologies. The results showed that SDO was negatively correlated with supportive attitudes toward government-issued international apol- ogies. This negative correlation remained intact after controlling for the effects of political conservatism and militarism.