Miyagawa, Y., & Niiya, Y. (2024)

Miyagawa, Y. (宮川裕基), & Niiya, Y. (新谷優). (2024). 
Psychometric validation of the Compassion Scale in Japan (CS-J).
日本語版コンパッション尺度 (CS-J) の開発

Objectives: The Compassion Scale (CS) is a model-based scale to measure compassion for others, comprising four subcomponents: kindness, common humanity, mindfulness, and sensitivity to the suffering of others. This research examined the psychometric properties of the Compassion Scale in Japan (CS-J). Method: This research (n = 1742) examined the factor structure of the CS-J, the relations of the CS-J to compassion-related constructs (Study 1), intra- and interpersonal well-being (Study 2), and dispositions primarily concerned with the welfare of others (Study 3), and the test-retest reliability over a month (Study 4). Results: Exploratory structural equation modeling identified that a bifactor structure best represented the CS-J. Internal reliability indicators warranted the use of total scores (internal consistency, ω = 0.94) and subscales (ω = 0.82 to 0.92). The test-retest reliability was adequate for the total scores (r = 0.73) and acceptable for the subscales (r = 0.45 to 0.68). The CS-J showed positive correlations with self-compassion, compassionate engagement and action, mindfulness, empathetic concerns, perspective-taking, altruism, compassionate goals, self-image goals, interdependent happiness, positive affect, life satisfaction, psychological well-being, and social desirability with small to large effect sizes. The CS-J was negatively associated with negative affect and psychological stress responses with small effect sizes. Conclusions: These results provided evidence for the validity of the CS-J. Our results in Japan indicated that compassion for others represents a balanced system of increased compassionate responding and decreased uncompassionate responding toward others’ suffering. Preregistration: Our studies were preregistered at the Open Science Framework (https://osf.io/jha6q and https://osf.io/b8f5v).

Pommier et al. (2020) によるCompassion Scale (CS) の日本語版です。Dr. Kristin Neffによるセルフコンパッションの概念を他者へのコンパッションに応用した尺度です。CSは16項目で、他者に対するコンパッションを測定します。4つの研究により、日本においても、CSがbi-factor構造を示すこと、セルフコンパッション等と関連すること、信頼性の観点からCS全体得点および4つの下位尺度 (Kindness, common humanity, mindfulness, and a lack of indifference toward others’ suffering) が使用可能なことを示しました。CSの日本語項目は論文の電子付録に載っております。