Miyagawa, Y., Niiya, Y., & Taniguchi, J. (2021).

Miyagawa, Y.(宮川裕基), Niiya, Y.(新谷優), & Taniguchi, J.(谷口淳一) (2021).
Compassionate goals and responses to social rejection: A mediating role of self-compassion.
Current Psychology.

The present study examined how people with compassionate goals cope with the threat of social rejection. Specifically, we tested whether self-compassion mediates the associations between compassionate goals and adaptive responses in the wake of social rejection. Participants (n = 358) first filled out the measure of compassionate goals and then described their personal experience of being rejected by others in their life. Later, they reported their levels of self-compassionate reactions toward their experience, fundamental need satisfaction, and revenge intention toward the rejecter. A path model showed that self-compassionate reactions mediated the relations of compassionate goals to higher satisfaction of fundamental needs, B = 0.170, 95%CI [0.062, 0.273], and lower revenge intention, B = −0.077, 95%CI [−0.164, −0.027]. These mediation pathways remained significant for current need satisfaction, B = 0.196, 95%CI [0.089, 0.290], and revenge intention, B = −0.079, 95%CI [−0.161, −0.029], even after controlling for the characteristics of rejection experiences. This study highlights that people who pursue compassionate goals would likely engage in self-compassion to cope with social rejection and thus maintain greater intra-and interpersonal well-being.