Morii, D., Miura, A., & Komori, M. (2023).

Morii, D., Miura, A.(三浦麻子), & Komori, M. (2023). 
The impact of television on-air time on hand hygiene compliance behaviors during COVID-19 outbreak. 
American Journal of Infection Control.

There is limited data to support the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hand hygiene compliance among hospital visitors.

We monitored hand hygiene compliance among university hospital visitors in Osaka, Japan by direct observation, from December 2019 to March 2022. During this time, we measured the amount of coverage time dedicated to COVID-19 related news on the local public television channel and the number of confirmed cases and deaths.

Over 148 days, 111,071 visitors hand hygiene compliance was monitored. The baseline compliance was 5.3% (213 of 4026) in December 2019. From late January 2020, compliance rose significantly to almost 70% in August 2020. It remained at a level of 70% to 75% until October 2021, after which, the compliance slowly declined to the mid-60% range. The number of newly confirmed cases and deaths were not related to the change in compliance, but the association between the on-air time of COVID-19-related news and compliance was statistically significant.

Hand hygiene compliance dramatically increased following the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of television in increasing hand hygiene compliance was significant.