Neff, K. D., & Miyagawa, Y. (2024).

Neff, K. D., & Miyagawa, Y. (宮川裕基) (2024). 
State Self-Compassion Scale Long Form (SSCS-L) and Short Form (SSCS-S).
状態セルフ・コンパッション尺度: 18項目版(SSCS-L)および6項目版(SSCS-S)
In: Medvedev, O. N., Krägeloh, C. U., Siegert, R. J., Singh, N. N. (eds) Handbook of Assessment in Mindfulness Research, Springer.

The State Self-Compassion Scale-Long Form (SSCS-L) assesses self-compassionate reactions experienced toward a current instance of personal suffering. Its structure is based on the Self-Compassion Scale (SCS), which is designed to measure self-compassion as a trait over time. Factor analyses using bifactor modeling and exploratory structural factor analyses (i.e., bifactor ESEM) suggested that, like the SCS, the SSCS-L represents a bifactor structure identified by a general self-compassion factor and six specific factors: increased self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness as well as reduced self-judgment, isolation, and over-identification. The SCSC-L demonstrated excellent reliability, and validity was further established by associations with functionally related constructs such as affect, trait self-compassion, and fears of self-compassion in the expected direction. The State Self-Compassion Scale—Short form (SSCS-S) was created from the SSCS-L items, which includes 6 items (one from each subscale). Findings suggest that the SSCS-S represents a single-factor structure of total state self-compassion with adequate reliability. Both SSCS-L and SSCS-S were able to assess changes in levels of state self-compassion after an experimental manipulation to boost state self-compassion (using a self-compassionate mindstate induction). Specifically, after recalling personal suffering, participants who received the self-compassionate mindstate induction reported increases in total state self-compassion, self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness, and decreases in self-judgment, isolation, and over-identification, while those in a control group did not report significant changes in state self-compassion. Similar results were obtained in Japan, suggesting that the SSCS-L and SSCS-S operate consistently across cultures. The SSCS long and short forms appear to be valid and reliable measures of state self-compassion.

状態セルフ・コンパッション尺度 (Neff et al., 2021) に関する理論的背景、尺度開発過程、米国ならびに日本等における本尺度の妥当性・信頼性に関するまとめです。