Nonami et al. (2015)

Nonami, H.(野波寛), Hirose, Y.(広瀬幸雄), Ohnuma, S.(大沼進), Midden, C., & Ohtomo, S.(大友章司) (2015).
Effects of voice and similarity on procedural fairness and trust: A dual process model of public acceptance based on representatives’ participation.
Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 18(3), 216-224.
doi: 10.1111/ajsp.12097
In citizen participation, a few representatives of the total citizen population participate in discussions with authorities regarding public decisions and policies. The present study examines a dual process model in which the representatives’ voice and similarity of values facilitate public acceptance through procedural fairness and trust in representatives, respectively. The results of an experiment employing a scenario method, which included participants from Japan (n = 211) and the Netherlands (n = 200), indicate that the representatives’ voice increased procedural fairness and public acceptance when the similarity of representatives was high. The effects of representatives’ voice on public acceptance via procedural fairness was supported in both nations, while other effects of representatives’ similarity on acceptance via trust were indicated only in Japan. These results suggest that the indirect voice of citizens, as conveyed by representatives, plays an important role in increasing perceptions of procedural fairness and public acceptance among citizens.