Oishi et al. (2013)

Oishi, S., Kesebir, S., Miao, F. F., Talhelm, T., Endo, Y.(遠藤由美), Uchida, Y.(内田由紀子), Shibanai, Y.(柴内康文), & Norasakkunkit, V. (2013). 
 Residential mobility increases motivation to expand social network: But why?. 
 Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49(2), 217-223. 
We conducted two studies to explore psychological consequences of a mobile lifestyle. In Study 1, we found that participants who were randomly assigned to think about a mobile lifestyle used more loneliness and sadness-related words and anticipated having fewer friends in the future than those who thought about a stable lifestyle (or a typical day as a control). In Study 2, we replicated this finding with a non-college sample. In addition, we found that those in the mobility condition reported being more motivated to expand their social network. Finally, the effect of mobility on the motivation to expand social networks was mediated by anticipated loneliness and sadness.