Park et al. (2013)

Park, J., Kitayama, S., Karasawa, M.(唐澤真弓), Curhan, K., Markus, H. R., Kawakami, N., Miyamoto, Y.(宮本百合) & ... Ryff, C. D. (2013). 
 Clarifying the links betweensocial support and health: Culture, stress, and neuroticismmatter.
 Journal of Health Psychology, 18(2), 226-235.
Although it is commonly assumed that social support positively predicts health, the empirical evidence has been inconsistent. We argue that three moderating factors must be considered: (1) support-approving norms (cultural context); (2) support-requiring situations (stressful events); and (3) support-accepting personal style (lowneuroticism). Our large-scale cross-cultural survey of Japanese and US adults found significant associations between perceived support and health. The association was more strongly evident among Japanese (from a support-approving cultural context) who reported high life stress (in a support-requiring situation). Moreover, the link between support and health was especially pronounced if these Japanese were low inneuroticism.