Quintelier et al. (2013)

Quintelier, K. J. P., Ishii, K.(石井敬子), Weeden, J., Kurzban, R., & Braeckman, J. (2013).
Individual differences in reproductive strategy are related to views about recreational drug use in Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan.
Human Nature, 24, 196-217.
doi: 10.1007/s12110-013-9165-0
Individual differences in moral views are often explained as the downstream effect of ideological commitments, such as political orientation and religiosity. Recent studies in the U.S. suggest that moral views about recreational drug use are also influenced by attitudes toward sex and that this relationship cannot be explained by ideological commitments. In this study, we investigate student samples from Belgium, The Netherlands, and Japan. We find that, in all samples, sexual attitudes are strongly related to views about recreational drug use, even after controlling for various ideological variables. We discuss our results in light of reproductive strategies as determinants of moral views.