Saito, T., Sudo, R., & Takano, Y. (2020).

Saito, T., Sudo, R. (須藤竜之介), & Takano, Y. (2020).
The gaze bias effect in toddlers: Preliminary evidence for the developmental study of visual decision‐making.
Developmental Science (Early View)
doi: 10.1111/desc.12969

Several studies have investigated the interactive relationship between attention and decision‐making, which is known as the gaze bias effect. Although the generalizability of the gaze bias effect has recently been observed among young and older adults, it remains unknown in which developmental period individuals start to exhibit this relationship. This question was addressed in the current study by recruiting 58 toddlers aged 2–4 years. Participants were asked to do a two‐alternative forced‐choice task in which they chose one of two soft toys they preferred while their eye movements were recorded. Results demonstrated that toddlers exhibited gaze bias regardless of age. We also found that the number of gaze shifts during the task increased according to age. These results suggest that the interactive relationship between attention and decision is acquired by the age of two. The implications of the increased number of gaze shifts for visual decision‐making are discussed.