Sakamoto (2013)

Sakamoto, A. (坂元 章) (2013).
Japanese approach to research on psychological effects of use of media.
K. E. Dill (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Media Psychology.  New York: Oxford University Press. pp496-510.
ISBN: 9780195398809
doi: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780195398809.001.0001
The main objective of this chapter is to illustrate Japanese trends in the study of the psychological effects of media exposure, particularly electronic media. The chapter describes: (1) the history of media tool dissemination in Japan and its current state; (2) the current state and background of Japanese studies on psychological effects ofuse of media, and characteristics of such studies in comparison with American studies; and (3) five types of actual or potential contributions of Japanese studies to global study trends. These five types were cross-cultural generalization of research findings, expansion of study areas, deepening of understanding of preceding study findings, execution of studies unique to Japan, and execution of social experiments using the process of media tool dissemination. After these descriptions, the chapter states a brief conclusion, and finally discusses the future direction of Japanese studies.