Shimizu, Y., Takeuchi, M., Karasawa, K. (2023).

Shimizu, Y.(清水佑輔), Takeuchi, M.(竹内真純), Karasawa, K(唐沢かおり). (2023). 
Anti-old and anti-youth attitudes among older adults: Focusing on middle-aged and old age identity. 
The Journal of Social Psychology, 163(2), 248-255.

There is currently a lack of comprehensive scholarly information concerning the attitudes older people hold toward both older adults and the young. Using the social identity theory framework, this study investigated older identity issues including middle-aged identity and old age identity. We conducted an online survey of Japanese older participants (N = 301) and then implemented a Bayesian structural equation modeling to examine whether age and gender predicted middle-aged/old age identity in addition to whether middle-aged/old age identity predicted anti-old/anti-youth attitudes. Results showed the more strongly participants identified with being middle-aged the more positive their attitudes were toward old/young people, while they showed no significant relationship between old age identity and the attitudes. Regarding participant ages, the results found no significant relationship with middle-aged identity but a positive relationship with old age identity. These findings will contribute to psychological research aimed at reducing anti-old/anti-youth attitudes among older adults.