Tanaka et al.(2015)

Tanaka, Y. (田中豊), Kitayama, M. (北山雅也), Arai, S. (荒井祥), & Matsushima, M. (松島由貴) (2015).
Major psychological factors affecting consumer’s acceptance of food additives: Validity of a new psychological model.
British Food Journal, 117(11), 2788-2800. 
doi: 10.1108/BFJ-02-2015-0062
The purpose of this study was to verify the validity of a causal model that was made to predict the consumer’s acceptance of food additives. A new emotional model in which cognitive factors influence emotional factors from the bottom-up was made and the validity of the model was tested. A social survey was conducted in Tokyo, Japan, among 120 female undergraduate students. The results showed that the new emotional model had a higher validity than the conventional emotional model, in which emotional factors influence cognitive factors. This study showed that the influence of cognitive factors, such as perceived risk and perceived benefit, is also effective in an emotional model. This importantly suggests that consumer’s emotions like anxiety and anger can be changed by altering consumer’s cognitions or perceptions.