Tsukamoto et al. (2013)

Tsukamoto, S.(塚本早織), Enright, J., & Karasawa, M.(唐沢穣) (2013)
Psychological Essentialism and Nationalism as Determinants of Interethnic Bias.
The Journal of Social Psychology, 153(5), 515-519.
The present study examined whether individuals without strong national identity (i.e., low nationalism) would be susceptible to temporarily elicited essentialism to alter their mental representations of ethnic boundaries, and thus increase interethnicbias. To test these ideas we experimentally induced essentialist beliefs among Japanese subjects about the boundary between Japanese and Chinese ethnicities, while measuring the strength of nationalism as an individual variable. The results were generally consistent with predictions, suggesting that the activation ofessentialist beliefs can strengthen interethnic biases among people without strong nationalism.
「血縁」などの生物学的な要因を用いて社会的カテゴリーを認識する現象は,Psychological Essentialism(心理的本質主義)によって説明される。本研究では,心理的本質主義による民族カテゴリーの認知を実験的に操作し,集団間態度に与える影響を検証した。