Tsutsumi et al. (2015)

Tsutsumi, H., Uekami, T., & Inamasu, K.(稲増一憲) (2015).
The effects of VAAs on voter's sophistication in Japan.
Political Behavior and Technology Voting Advice Applications in East Asia.
Palgrave Macmillan.
ISBN 9781137518972
This book chapter shows a potential effect of the VAAs in Japan by asking the following research questions: To what degree do Japanese voters recognize parties’ policy positions correctly? Can Japanese voters identify and vote for the party closest to their policy preference? Whom should VAAs target? By analyzing the internet survey data of the 2010 House of Councillors election, we show that quite a few Japanese voters could not find or incorrectly identify a party close to their policy preference, and voters who have a small amount of correct information are more likely to vote incorrectly. We also found that VAAs is likely to be effective for young, female voters and those who are not usually exposed to political information and indifferent to politics.