Wang, K., Goldenberg, A., Miller, J. K. et al. (2021).

Wang, K., Goldenberg, A., Miller, J. K. et al. (2021).
A multi-country test of brief reappraisal interventions on emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
[Registered Report] 新型コロナウィルス感染症流行下におけるネガティブ情動に対する情動制御方略の効果:超多国間実験による検証
Nature Human Behaviour, 5, 1089-1110.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased negative emotions and decreased positive emotions globally. Left unchecked, these emotional changes might have a wide array of adverse impacts. To reduce negative emotions and increase positive emotions, we tested the effectiveness of reappraisal, an emotion-regulation strategy that modifies how one thinks about a situation. Participants from 87 countries and regions (n = 21,644) were randomly assigned to one of two brief reappraisal interventions (reconstrual or repurposing) or one of two control conditions (active or passive). Results revealed that both reappraisal interventions (vesus both control conditions) consistently reduced negative emotions and increased positive emotions across different measures. Reconstrual and repurposing interventions had similar effects. Importantly, planned exploratory analyses indicated that reappraisal interventions did not reduce intentions to practice preventive health behaviours. The findings demonstrate the viability of creating scalable, low-cost interventions for use around the world.

調査票の日本語訳および日本データの収集を山田祐樹(九州大学)・石井辰典(日本女子大学)・国里愛彦(専修大学)・角南直幸(Delaware Data Innovation Lab)・井隼経子(福岡工業大学)が担当した。この活動に際し、日本心理学会の「新型コロナウイルス感染拡大に関連した実践活動及び研究」の助成を受けた。