Yamagishi (2013)

Yamagishi, T. (山岸俊男) (2013). 
Placing the action‐outcome contingency at the core of the situation. 
Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 16(1), 22-25.
Comments on an article by Michael Harris Bond (see record 2013-04015-001), who, in analyzing the original formula by Lewin, viz., B = f(P.S), first considers the importance accorded the situation in previous theorizing about ‘Asianness’, then analyzes the contributions of the actor’s personality. The current author states that Bond encourages Asian social psychologists to provide unique contributions to the development of social psychology by fully utilizing the insight provided by Kurt Lewin. This is because Asians are more sensitive than Westerners to the intricate influences that the situation has on their actions. Bond advises Asian psychologists to pay close attention to the role of the situation in theory building, rather than focusing more attention on the uniquely Asian psychological phenomena.