Yokota et al. (2019)

Yokota, K. (横田晋大), Tsuboi, S. (坪井翔), Mifune, N. (三船恒裕), & Sugiura, H. (杉浦仁美) (2019). 
A conceptual replication of the male warrior hypothesis using the outgroup threat priming method
Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, 10(1), 1-3. doi: 10.5178/lebs.2019.67
A conceptual replication of Yuki and Yokota’s (2009) study to test the validity of the male warrior hypothesis was conducted. They reported that ingroup bias was triggered by the perceptual cue of outgroup threat, based on the use of a priming method in a minimal group situation among men only. In this study, the stimulus of outgroup threat priming and the measurement of ingroup bias were modified to test the effect of outgroup threat priming on ingroup bias. The results revealed failure to replicate and thus no bias generated by priming among men.