Yuki & Brewer (2014)

Yuki, M. (結城雅樹) & Brewer, M.B. (Eds.)
Culture and group processes.
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199985463
Book description:
Human beings are adapted for group living. Groups have a wide range of adaptive functions for individuals, including both material benefits of mutual aid and collective action, and subjective psychological benefits of affiliation and social identity. Recent development of cultural psychology, however, has uncovered that culture plays crucial roles in group processes: patterns of group behavior and underlying psychological processes are shaped within specific cultural contexts, and cultures emerge in group-based interactions. Culture and Group Processes, the inaugural volume of the Frontiers of Culture and Psychology series, is the first edited book on this rapidly emerging research topic. The eleven chapters included in this volume, all authored by distinguished scientists in the field, reveal the role of culture in group perceptions, social identity, group dynamics, identity negotiation, teamwork, intergroup relations, and intergroup communication, as well as the joint effect of cultural and group processes in interpersonal trust and creativity.会員による執筆章:
Marilynn B. Brewer and Masaki Yuki(結城雅樹) Chapter 1. Culture and Group Processes: Defining the Intersection Nick Haslam, Elise Holland, and Minoru Karasawa(唐沢穣) Chapter 2. Essentialismand Entitativity Across Cultures Masaki Yuki(結城雅樹) and Kosuke Takamura(竹村幸祐) Chapter 3. Intergroup Comparison and Intragroup Relationships: Group processes in the cultures of individualism and collectivism
11章の論文が、人間の集団行動・心理と文化の影響関係を論じています。(ハードカバー版、ペーパーバック版、Kindle版があります) Oxford University Press: http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199985470.do