Kambara, A.(神原歩)(2017)
 Effects of experiencing visual illusion and Susceptibility to biases in one's social judgment
 Perceptual and Motor Skills, SAGE Open
 DOI: 10.1177/2158244017745937

Despite the evidence for existing biases in social judgment, people often fail to recognize biases in their own social judgments.
This study investigated whether people become aware of their own susceptibility to various biases by experiencing visual
illusions that challenge confidence in personal perceptions. A total of 88 participants were grouped by whether or not
they gazed at illusory motion graphics and by whether they rated themselves or others on bias susceptibility. Participants
who gazed at visual illusions rated themselves as having more biases in their social judgments than participants who did not
see visual illusions. These findings suggest that bias denial may partially result from insufficient opportunities to recognize
inaccuracies in personal perceptions.